Ali E. Cevik

Shepherd to Software CEO - Ali E. Cevik’s career path is impressive and motivational for all.


Shepherd to Software CEO, Ali E. Cevik’s career path is impressive and motivational for all


Ali‘s life story began on the Anatolian plateau, where he and his family worked as shepherds. After moving to Denmark, his journey continued at university, first in Odense and then in Moscow. With a master’s degree in Russian language and economics, his career took a new turn as an international adviser to the UN, the EU and the World Bank, with a special focus on organizational development.


Back in Denmark, Ali continued his journey as a career coach. In this role he assisted professionals with a higher education to upgrade their career with international jobs, in cooperation with companies like Rambøll and COWI. And in 2012, with years of experience within HR and organisational development, he founded the HR-tech company HR-ON.


Since its founding, HR-ON has successfully developed from start-up to scale-up. and has received recognition in the form of three Børsen Gazelle awards, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Inspiration Award and an official partnership with LinkedIn. With more than 100,000 users worldwide and customers of all shapes and sizes, from local to international, private to public, HR-ON is on track to become an international player in the HR-tech world.
Ali E. Cevik is a Keynote Speaker at this event, and will tell the inspirational story of his unique journey from the Anatolian plateau to the management of an innovative HR-tech company. In fact, Ali’s speech will focus on the common factors between these two worlds, namely the people, visions and approach and how this helped him build a modern workplace, based on shared values, diversity, self-management, flexible working times and holidays, as well as high employee engagement and innovation.


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