18th of May 2020 at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen







Watch Highlights from Last Years Conference

Look back at last years conference where more than 600 HR professionals joined us for a full day of knowledge sharing and networking.

Empowering HR Through Technology​

The conference will offer the following three tracks to answer the key questions in all parts of the HR cycle

Recruitment & Onboarding

Technology has been the prime disruptor of the recruitment industry. Instant access to information, growing connectivity, and a transient workforce have turned the tables on recruiters, giving candidates far more control. Employer branding has therefore become a vital part of attracting skill talents. This track will discuss how technology can be leveraged in the recruitment processes to attract the workforce of the future.

Retention & Employee Experience

The calculations are simple: the demand for the right profiles is greater than the supply. Therefore, more and more companies are looking at how to optimize the experience they offer their employees. As companies are digitalizing and become more technologically advanced the agility of their employees to learn and adjust to their changing environment has become essential. The ability to empower employees through technology is therefore a key component to utilizing the most essential resource of the business.

Strategic HR & Leadership

The CHRO is becoming an integral member of the strategic leadership team - this has certainly not always been the case. However, today’s businesses require far more from HR than ever before. People-first companies have been proved to drive significantly higher performance than those not focused on employees and culture. In order for companies to fulfil their potential, they need to invest in their people and their culture, and strategic HR leaders must lead the way.

Who Should Attend?

HR Tech innovators

  • Meet the most influential HR tech innovators
  • Get introduced to the latest HR technologies by the experts from the leading companies within their area of expertise
  • Become familiar with the latest HR field report and discuss the findings with the consultancies themselves​
  • Do you want to meet anyone specific? Let us setup meetings with any of the solution providers so you can get the full overview of the products

HR Professionals

  • Sharpen your knowledge within the field of HR tech
  • Stay on top of future trends and expand your toolbox to assess the challenges of tomorrow​
  • Expand your network and meet like-minded peers
  • Meet HR tech innovators and solution providers and get introduced to different tool sets

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