What Freelancers Want: How to Attract Freelance Talent

Looking for potential freelance talent is more than just looking through an online profile. Companies need to look at more than just relevant experience and past projects, but also the traits that help teams succeed. Like communications, curiosity, and ability to learn.

Flexibility is the main reason why people choose to freelance. So companies should offer flexible hours and projects that align with their skills. Use freelancers to fill gaps not covered by your FTE’s.

But don’t micromanage your consultants. Give them a project and let them go.

Freelancers want to work with businesses that know precisely what they need (and are not afraid to admit that they do). Businesses and HR departments must change their ways to connect with the talent on these new terms and change their old ways of recruiting compared to hiring full-timers.

Businesses should keep the following things in mind when it comes to attracting freelancers:

1) Know what you want: Provide the right milestones and definitive details for the project including all deliverables.

2) Write an accurate project description: Set specific milestones and requirements for the project. Outline the deliverables you expect to have at the end of the project.

3) Provide examples: Give a good example of what the finished product should look like. This is especially helpful for design-related engagements.

4) Set them up for success: Onboard the freelancer correctly by including them early and often with your project team. Make them as much a part of the team as you can so they know all the stakeholders and so they can gain a deeper understanding of your needs.

5) Communication
Leverage tools like Zoom, Slack, and texting to seamlessly keep your freelancer in the loop: It makes it much easier to not only chat but share files and links.

Source: RecruitingDaily